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  • Potential analyzes at various potential suppliers
  • On-site audits in Europe
  • Documentation of weak points
  • Proposals for achieving the goal of potential commissioning
  • Support in audited processes under customer requirements
  • AS7104 Implementation
  • Process design with adherence to the NADCAP checklist
  • Staff training in NDT standards
  • FMEA and control plan Creation of technical documentation
  • Norms interpretation
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  • GAP Analysis of the current quality system according to AS9100 and ISO9100
  • Quality policy update according to ISO9001 / AS9100D
  • Definition of KPI's
  • Preparation for audit AC7108
  • Project management
  • Quality documentation
  • Support and Troubleshooting of organic and inorganic coating processes, catalysts, surface treatments, material and corrosion tests.
  • Preparation for NADCAP audit of chemical processes.
  • Corrective actions in waste of chemical treatments with…
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  • On-site Training PPAP at OEM       
  • VDA 6.3 supplier audits       
  • R@R       
  • Logistic audits       
  • Training OEM requirements in supply chain       
  • Review sampling documentation       
  • PPAP portal training
  • APQP
  • PPAP support
  • VDA 6.3 audit support
  • Documentation support
  • PPAP portal on-site training
  • Training OEM requirements
  • Workshop and trainings with n-tier suppliers
  • PPAP support       
  • Documentation support       
  • WEB 2020 support       
  • SQMS on-site training       
  • Training WEB 2020 requirements       
  • Training Daimler requirements       
  • Support supplier management OEM requirements       
  • Workshop and…
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  • De-escalation with Lamborghini
  • Coaching new CQA
  • Installation and management of Q-walls
  • Support new projects
  • Installation VDA 6.3 standard
  • Tracking and prioritizing immediate actions
  • Coaching new quality manager
  • Installation of Q-walls
  • Reorganization of the quality department and processes
  • VDA 6.3 audit support
  • Coordination CCC certification between three plants, CCC service providers and China
  • Tracking sample shipment to China as well as obtaining the CCC and Gonggao certificates
  • Pre-scheduling for tool change
  • Coordination of the 58 tool modifications (new…
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Injection molded plastic parts

  • Injection molded plastic parts
  • Tracking and processing of audit deviations (grading "C" rating of 78 %)
  • Implementation of process optimization
  • 5S workshops and standardization
  • Optimization of warehouse and production…
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  • Interior door panels
  • Protection of the supply chain from 1st tier to 3rd tier supplier (Germany - Hungary - Czech Republic)
  • Direct on-site support coordination and monitoring of process optimization
  • Daily reporting to OEM at management level
  • Accompan…
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  • Follow up investigation on works reclamation
  • Initiation of immediate actions and rework
  • Coordination of supplier activities
  • Tracking 8D reports from vendor
  • Ensuring component quality
  • Installation of Q-walls
  • Temporary management of 45 employees
  • Reorganization of the quality department and processes
  • Tracking and prioritizing immediate actions
  • Reduction of customer complaints by 84%
  • Installation and training self-inspection
  • Successf…
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  • Sampling of facelift parts
  • Tracking supplier complaints
  • Supplier audits according to VDA 6.3
  • Support of OEM customer visits
  • Accompanying OEM TRL audit
  • Support preparation monitoring audit ISO/TS 16949
  • Follow-up to Q-H:ELP de-escalation subcontractor
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  • Execution of series-accompanying 3D measurements tactile
  • Execution of purchase quantity audits (KTMA)
  • Monitoring the quality number
  • Measurement reporting
  • Special measurements for model care
  • Measurement reporting to OEM
  • Continuous project management for the product and quality planning and for all phases of the product-creation process in accordance with APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning)
  • Conducting FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) and drafting the…
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  • Development of a standard operational plan for the product development
  • Drafting the process sequence specifications and depicting the interplay of individual processes in accordance with ISO/TS 16949
  • Development of the supplier management upon the…
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  • Tracking the delivery reliability on-site
  • Process optimisations in the production processes of the 1st- and 2nd-tier suppliers throughout Europe
  • Quality inspections, follow-up work coordination of the sub-contractors as well as shipping release for…
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  • Tracking the delivery reliability
  • Supplier sampling work
  • Determining boundary sample thresholds with the customer and the supplier
  • Conducting German Automotive Industry Association Standard 6.3 audits and TAS
  • Measures controlling from 8D reports and…
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