Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Recent years have highlighted the vulnerability and fragility of globally connected supply chains. Realignment of supply flows with a focus on agility, stability and localization are essential.

Lack of communication, lack of transparency as well as insufficient consideration of agilely changing customer orders and the associated incorrect prioritization often lead to short-term bottlenecks.

It is essential that supply, supply chain and production systems are able to respond to complexity and volatility. Therefore, it is essential to establish resilient logistics concepts and immediately applicable solutions.

Sustainability, CO2 footprint and supply chain law are new very important requirements that have to be considered already in supply chain concepts as well as continuously reviewed and optimized in existing supply chains.

QMatrix supports both in the planning and implementation of these concepts as well as with a safeguarding of capacity peaks in the operational process.

For better performance we achieve through:

  • Many years of practical experience in supply chain management from both an OEM and supplier perspective.
  • We understand the customer's processes from the inside.
  • Logistic and Supply Chain Planning

  • Series Logistics

  • Supplier Management

  • Audit

  • Training

Logistics and Supply Chain Planning

The goal of effective logistics planning is to reduce costs, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, minimize risks and make the company more sustainable. In doing so, the customer-individual situation has to be the focus of the planning.

For better performance we achieve through:

  • Cost savings: e.g. by ensuring efficient transport and warehouse planning, taking inventory and procurement management into account,
  • Improved efficiency in inventory and procurement management: e.g. optimizing demand forecast,
  • Increase in customer loyalty through optimized flow of goods
  • Optimization through risk management: through an integrated view of the risks associated with transport and warehouse processes.
  • Sustainability: Effective logistics planning can help reduce CO2 emissions by ensuring that transportation and freight management are carried out efficiently. This can help reduce environmental impact and make the business more sustainable.

Series Logistics

The availability of logistics resources in engineering and management functions is critical, a shortage of logistics staff can affect the efficiency of operations, lead to delays and higher costs.

For better performance we achieve through:

  • Project-based work where a specific skill or expertise is needed for a limited period of time e.g. new products or new technology introduction.
  • Covering staff shortages to bridge a short-term staffing gap

In this way, QMatrix enables its customers to

  • increase flexibility in adapting to changing work requirements to cope with short-term tasks
  • an improvement in cost control, avoiding long-term contractual obligations when hiring employees
  • a minimization of risk in the face of changing work requirements without loss of cost and reputation through the use of temporary staff.

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Supplier Management

Effective supplier management is critical for manufacturing companies. It helps ensure supply chain reliability, improve logistics quality, reduce costs, foster innovation and collaboration, and minimize risks.

A better performance we achieve by:

  • Establishing and ensuring JIT and JIS operations even over longer distances.
  • Optimizing warehousing and transportation strategies based on projects already completed,
  • Coordinating the development of innovation and collaboration by leveraging experience from a large number of production ramp-ups,
  • Risk management e.g. by optimizing existing IT systems to improve communication and collaboration with suppliers.
  • Risk analysis and review of supply chain law requirements.

As a result, an increase in competitiveness is achieved via increased efficiency and minimized costs along the supply chain.

With our experience and knowledge, we make your supplier relationships successful.

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Das Logistik-Audit dient zur systematischen Überprüfung von Prozessen und Systemen. Ziel ist es, die Effizienz und Effektivität zu bewerten und Verbesserungspotenziale aufzuzeigen. Als Basis dienen meist Standards aus Qualitätsnormen wie ISO 9001, 14001 oder 45001, die zum Teil für bestimmte Industriebereiche spezialisiert worden sind (VDA, GDP, AS9100, AS9120). Wichtige Komponenten sind z. B. die Analyse:

  • des Lagermanagements
  • der Transport- und Lieferketten
  • der IT-Systeme (TISAX)

Daraus kann z.B. eine Bewertung der vorhandenen Infrastruktur, Performance und Umweltaspekten erfolgen.

Die Praxis-erfahrenen QMatrix Experten erzielen for better Performance durch: 

  • Sinnvolle Anpassung und Interpretation von Normentexten auf Kunden-spezifische Szenarien,
  • Vorbereitung und Unterstützung von Standardaudits durch Kunden und Normeninstitutionen,
  • Neutrale Vorbereitung und Durchführung Kunden-interner Audits.

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The shortage of specialists and managers is a current issue and will become even more acute in the coming years. QMatrix supports customers here with the organization and implementation of training measures. This can be done in two organizational forms:

  • Internal training programs for your employees to keep up to date with the latest developments in the supply chain area. These programs are customized to your specific needs, for example, together with your technical and HR departments, and can be delivered as classroom training, workshops and on-the-job training.
  • Mentoring is an excellent opportunity, especially for aspiring managers, to be coached by the experienced QMatrix experts. The entry into the leadership role is facilitated and a sustainable and long-term solution is created for the client.

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