Production & Assembly

We develop and implement tailor-made manufacturing and assembly solutions with our customers, focusing on efficiency, cost reduction and innovation.

By taking over individual manufacturing steps or complete production areas, we create free space for your growth agenda. Your team can concentrate on the core business - we take care staff capacity.

The optimization of all workflows and processes is the focus of our work. Our customers are enthusiastic about an increased ability to deliver, a reduction in inventory and optimized production planning.

When taking over your processes, we provide support at short notice with a qualified team that is ready to work immediately and is precisely tailored to your challenges.

Industry-independent, modular and individually adaptable. Rely on intelligent and sophisticated assembly and manufacturing solutions:

  •  Modular assembly
  •  Extended workbench
  •  Execution of individual production steps
  •  Operational production support
  •  Operation of production lines/production lines
  •  Production planning and control
  •  Just in Time manufacturing
  •  Just in sequence manufacturing
  •  Resequencing
  •  Repacking

Do you need support in the area of manufacturing & assembly? Please feel free to contact us.

  • Just-in-time Manufacturing

  • Just-in-sequence Manufacturing

  • Resequencing

  • Repackaging

Just-in-time Manufacturing

With JIT manufacturing, the material is delivered and produced in the quantity and at the time that it is actually required to fulfil customer orders. In this way, we minimize the total order lead-time and demand-related inventory costs.

The QMatrix takes control of the entire process.

For better performance, we achieve through:

  • Infrastructure, equipment and qualified specialists ensure smooth sequencing and profitable module production directly at the production site
  • Suppliers rely entirely on us and do not need their own local presence
  • We assume responsibility for inventory and administration
  • Experienced production planning and optimization from a single source
  • Production outsourcing tailored to your company

Do you need support in the area of manufacturing & assembly? Please feel free to contact us.

Just-in-sequence Manufacturing

Just-in-sequence manufacturing

Due to the increasing product differentiation, the individualized configurations of vehicles are becoming more and more important in production. QMatrix takes over the entire just-in-sequence manufacturing process. This results in the following advantages for our customers:

  • Reduced capital commitment through minimized inventories
  • Declining space consumption due to smaller storage area
  • Reduced throughput time
  • Adaptation to individualized customer orders
  • Reduced susceptibility to errors through increasing automation
  • Production planning and optimization from one single source

By taking over parts of your production, you can deploy your employees where they are needed and concentrate on your core business. 


From pre-assembly and assembly to value-added production activities - our portfolio as an outsourcing service provider in the field of sequencing is comprehensive.

We deliver individual parts and modules synchronously with production up to the installation site of the production lines. With line feeding, the parts are provided just-in-sequence (JIS) or just-in-time (JIT) directly on the production line. Hand in hand with our customers, we plan individual tugger train concepts and take care of internal transport. We bring the parts to the right place where they are needed at the right time.

For better performance, we achieve through:

  • our highly qualified employees
  • our many years of know-how
  • our close supervision

By taking over parts of your production, you can deploy your employees where they are needed and concentrate on your core business.

Repackaging of goods into or out of your production

As your repacking service provider, together, we identify the best packaging solutions for you. Holistic business process outsourcing is possible. We can support you with the entire production planning.

For better performance we achieve through:

  • comprehensive packaging of your products
  • the effective use of production and storage capacities
  • optimised production planning
  • the development of a holistic business process outsourcing

Contact us today. We are at your disposal. 

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