So you are an international OEM and/or 1st- or 2nd-tier supplier in the automotive, wind energy or medical technology segments and are searching for competent support for your quality management?

Then our highly-qualified quality management is the perfect complement with innovative ideas and many years of proven practical expertise.

Interim Management

Interim management is needed for very critical and challenging tasks as well as for time-restricted project themes such as:

  • Quality management
  • Project management
  • Task force management

This type of support demands professional cooperation, maximum dedication and absolute discretion from all participants.

By deploying an Interim Manager, we can support you nationally and also internationally. In order to do so, we will provide the Interim Manager who will optimally fit your requirements and Goals.

  • Project Management

  • Quality Management

  • Task Force Management

Project Management

Project management encompasses the planning, steering, controlling and implementation of Projects.

Our Project Managers will lead the projects assigned to them based upon defined project management standards. They possess leadership qualities and are accustomed to leading a team efficiently, but with foresight. They proactively implement process optimisations and professionally complete projects.

The goal of our Project Managers is your success!

Quality Management

The Interim Managers in the Quality Management Division will bring new knowledge and experience to your company. Owing to our industry, methodical and social competences, we can tackle the following current challenges directly:

  • Solving quality problems
  • Reducing defect rates and quality costs
  • Optimisation of processes with regards to quality and Efficiency
  • Restoration of customer confidence

 Our Quality Managers will support you with:

  • Well-founded norm-related know-how
  • Methodical competence
  • Analytical and conceptual strengths
  • International experience
  • Implementation and organisational strengths
  • Excellent social skills

For QMatrix, quality is a comprehensive approach which must be constantly understood and lived in all divisions.

Task Force Management

Professional task force management offers companies resources which are quickly-available because, as a rule, these requirements arise on very short notice and are subject to time pressures. Thus, institutions are confronted by massive challenges. One’s own resources are already stretched and additional capacities are oftentimes not available.

The Interim Managers and Project Managers of QMatrix GmbH can be promptly provided to:

  • Eliminate problems of insufficient capacities
  • Supplement required competences
  • Bridge vacancies
  • Implement challenging projects at a high level