So you are an international OEM and/or 1st- or 2nd-tier supplier in the automotive, wind energy or medical technology segments and are searching for competent support for your quality management?

Then our highly-qualified quality management is the perfect complement with innovative ideas and many years of proven practical expertise.


An audit is a snapshot, so to speak, for the assessment of the current ACTUAL situation of a company’s processes. Depending on this ACTUAL situation, there are diverse audit variants.                      

These are:

  • Analysis of potential
  • German Automotive Industry Association Standard 6.3 Audit
  • Technical audit of a supplier (TAS)

In this case, by utilising our experience and foresight, a well-founded, objective assessment of the supplier and/or the processes should be done. Upon this basis, measures can be formulated and a corresponding comparability of auditing results can be guaranteed.

  • Analyses of Potential

  • Audit VDA 6.3

  • Technical Audit of the Supplier

Analyses of Potential

The analysis of potential refers to the structured examination of certain features among suppliers. The analyses of potential supply differentiated information with regards to issues related to the ability of employees to be able to assess events, resources and organisations for potential supply risks. This is of great importance during the selection of possible new suppliers as well as new production locations or new product concepts of the current suppliers.  

Utilise our many years of experience from OEM and a 1st-tier perspective for an independent evaluation of the supplier for your decision-making Basis.

German Automotive Industry Association Standard 6.3 Audit

The increasing requirements in the customer and supplier processes make the quality management tasks more and more complex. The high standard for the products demands fixed processes and continuous quality assurance across the entire process and logistics chain. A process audit in accordance with German Automotive Industry Association Standard 6.3 helps to comprehensively monitor and improve the process and logistics chain as well as safeguard its reliability.  

With audits in accordance with IATF 16949 or German Automotive Industry Association Standard 6.3, we will examine the quality of your company and your suppliers. .

Technical Audit of the Supplier

A technical audit of the supplier (TAS) is a special audit.  

The criteria for a TAS are:

  • Results-oriented, e.g. complaints and non-fulfilment of customer requirements
  • Restricted to certain components/assembly units
  • Audit announced on short notice
  • Specific checklist with a YES/NO Response
  • Final report on-site; as required, with the definition of additional measures and escalation

The goal is a valid assessment of the sustainability of the supplier’s optimised processes and controls. Our extensive experience in the assessment of optimised processes will give you security for the future.