QMatrix Christmas bakery 2018

In the Christmas bakery, there are also at QMatrix many tasty treats… As part of our this year’s Christmas party, we baked together christmas stollen with great passion for the trade.

Just like last year we went to the culinary school 1A in Bellheim, where we spent our christmas party in the bakery. The recipe for the Christmas stollen has traditional and palatine roots and was rounded by an individual taste. The stollen get this taste by using tonka beans, which originally derive from South America. You can taste a mix from vanilla, caramel, almonds and marzipan, but also some liquorice in it.

As a small refreshment at noon we had beef burger, consisting of self-made ingredients like the burger buns, the burger sauces and the onion relish. After the last Christmas stollen where ready for this year, the employees exchanged about actual and finished projects of QMatrix.

Following the culinary school, we went to the wine tavern “Stübinger” in Leinsweiler, where we while away the evening together. We were entertained culinary with a palatinate three-course hristmas menu: at the beginning, we started with a homemade pumpkin- or either chestnut soup.

As main course, we expected an also homemade “winegrowers’ plate” with palatinate specialities like sauerkraut, Saumagen (a german dish popular in the palatinate), liver dumpling and bratwurst or palatinate winter vegetables with oriental touch as vegetarian alternative. The menu was topped with either mini steamed noodles, the so called “dampfnudel” with vanilla sauce or a sorbet with berries as dessert.

Accompanying the menu, we enjoyed homemade wine specialities of the wine tavern Stübinger and took a look into the wine cellar, where we tasted one or the other wine directly from the storage.

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